Ephraim has circumcised my three sons and I am very pleased with his professionalism and skills. He is definitely a master of his trade.

Mr AE Oni October 24, 2018

After deciding that it is way past the time to get my son of 2 years old circumcised, I finally made up my mind to go for it. I asked a couple of relatives for people who performed on their sons and two of them gave me Mr Ephraim's number. I remember I had spoken to him once before on the phone too, so I definitely was happy he was well known and knows what he's doing.

We arranged for the circumcision to take place at my house on the 04/01/2016. Mr Ephraim came and kindly explained the procedure, while he got ready all the instruments.

He was very quick and before you knew it, my son was with his nappy and getting away from him as far as possible. He also explained after treatment , and called and texted to remind me of when to change him.

Today is day 6, and my son L is good as new, out and about and off course he managed to climb stairs from day one.
I would recommend Mr Ephraim to any parents. He is a professionalised worker, and very clean work was done, as no stitching or anything as such was needed.
I would like to personally thank you so much, and wish you all the best.

Fatbardha Burgha October 24, 2018

Ephraim was recommended by a colleague of my husband's. We booked and we had an appointment within a few days. The procedure was very quick and our son was back to his normal self the next day. Would highly recommend; someone who is completely above board and certified!

Joyce and Louis Osei October 24, 2018

As this was our first experience with our first born son, we as parents were understandably anxious and engaged the services of Mr Josovic, on recommendation from our NHS health visitor, who has supported us since our son was born.

Mr Josovic presents very well and is clearly experienced and knowledgeable with this procedure. He arrived with everything needed, answered all questions we had and certainly put my mind at ease. He concisely outlined all elements of the procedure and left us with printed instructions and materials for aftercare. He also provided his contact details as the aftercare service provided required we keep Mr Josovic up to date with our son's condition in the hours immediately following the procedure.

The procedure was swift and clearly Mr Josovic was well prepared and extremely competent, observant of good hygiene practice and causing minimum distress to our son. Our child healed very well as we adhered to all the aftercare instructions provided.

I found Mr Josovic to be of good humour given the circumstances and as this procedure is not provided by the NHS, good value for money as care and competence is a paramount with your little one.

I sincerely would not hesitate to recommend Mr Josovic for such a procedure, should I or anyone I know require this in the future

Lee Wilson October 24, 2018

Ephraim's approach was efficient and methodical. The procedure was totally pain free, as appropriate steps were taken to minimise the discomfort on our son. Ephraim came across as highly skilled, candid and knowledgeable in general, which is invaluable for any parent who is apprehensive about this procedure. After care instructions were meticulous to ensure a high level of hygiene and faster healing. Best regards.

Peace Ani October 24, 2018

I just want to use this opportunity to say that Ephraim was quite thorough with our baby's circumcision. He carried out the brief process with such professionalism that I won't hesitate to recommend him to any of our friends and family.
Also, I especially like the fact that he responds immediately when contacted.

Keren, from Dartford October 24, 2018

Second time we've used Mr Josovic’s services and wouldn't use anyone else should we have anymore boys. He's very good with babies and with putting parents at ease throughout the whole process. Wouldn't hesitate recommending him.
Thanks again:)

Eleanor and Billy Ross October 24, 2018

I used Ephraim to circumcision my son and I have no regrets at all; the best service you could ask for. I would recommend Ephraim to anyone because he's the best!

Simone Williams October 24, 2018

Ephraim came to our home to do our son's circumcision (whilst he was a newborn). He was recommended to us by a friend. We found him to be personable, efficient and patient. He gave clear instructions on aftercare and we had no problems whatsoever. His manner was confident but also understanding and he was able to answer all our questions and alleviate our concerns.
We have since recommended him to several other families and will continue to do so.

Dr Anu Obaro October 24, 2018

Regarding the circumcision which was performed on my son on Feb 11th, I would just like to say that overall it was really professional and my son was in very little pain during and after. The aftercare was also really good and Ephraim answered all the questions we had. It's been nearly 3 weeks now and he has healed really well. Thank you very much for a great job and service.

Frances Carvalho October 24, 2018

Mr Ephraim was recommended to us by a friend, initially we were a little sceptical about the whole process. After speaking with him we felt assured and asked him to circumcise our son. He did a very professional job and will highly recommend him for anyone who wishes to circumcise their child. Just within a week the little man has healed and we all very happy.

K Afriyie October 24, 2018

His service was perfect and there was no pain for my son after the circumcision!! Highly recommended!

Lawrence October 24, 2018

My son was circumcised by Ephraim Josovic 6 days ago. I would like to thank him for an excellent job. Ephraim Josovic was very clear and his simple explanations, attention to detail and commitment were very professional and appreciated. My son is healing very well and I would definitely recommend Ephraim Josovic to friends and family in the future.

Sandii Ellis October 24, 2018

As soon as Ephraim was contacted regarding the circumcision of our baby boy, he followed the process through with regular check-ups and contacts offering a very good, professional service. All went well on the day of circumcision with no major issues. Thank you, well done and keep up the good work Ephraim.

Ortega Ekiugbo October 24, 2018

Ephraim came to my house to circumcise my second son. I found his website through Google and was impressed with all the amazing testimonials. He was very professional from start to finish. The aftercare was great and I felt I could have contacted him day or night if there were any problems. The wound healed incredibly quickly and he did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend Ephraim.

Rebecca Reid October 24, 2018

It was my first time and I was so worried and nervous about the circumcision. To any mum out there- Ephraim is highly competent! He is friendly, informative & interacts with babies very well. I will recommend his service to others.

Really good price too! Thank you again.

Chamayne Watkins October 24, 2018

Mr Josovic was recommended to us by a family friend a few years ago. I was so nervous on the day of the circumci-sion of my baby boy but within 10 minutes he had answered all my concerns and queries and put me at ease. He is extremely knowledgeable and kind mannered. The procedure was a complete success as was the healing process. We had no doubt then, 2 years later as to who would circumcise our second son and called him back with no hesitation. I would wholly recommend him to any parent. Thank you so much Mr Josovic.

Mr and Mrs Ruby Fabiyi October 24, 2018

We are extremely happy with the Circumcision service offered by Mr Josovic. He was recommended to us three years ago when our first son was born and we had no hesitation using him again recently for our second son. It is so convenient having the procedure performed at home and Mr Josovic is extremely thorough, assessing the baby before the procedure and weighing the baby to ensure that the procedure is safe.

The instructions for aftercare provided are very comprehensive and we like that we can contact Mr Josovic directly if there are any concerns. We have also recommended Mr Josovic to many of our friends and they all agree with us that we trust Mr Josovic completely and he provides a fantastic service. We will continue to recommend him.

Swinda and Ernest Tabiowo October 24, 2018

Thank you so much Ephraim for your professionalism and empathy when performing my 6 month old son's circumcision. Everything went amazingly well and he has healed up quite nicely. I would definitely recommend your service to all mostly because you left me informed with instructions of care and also have great post care service too. Thank you.

Miss Uzorh October 24, 2018

Ephraim, thank you so much for your professional service! Jethro is very fine; he recovered so fast to my surprise. In 3 days he was smiling away and crawling. I was very worried about the healing process because he's 6 months; we de-layed to have him circumcised due to the first experience with my first son.

Ephraim, thank you for the great customer service you provided , the notes to read about after care, the texting and calling to keep updating me, everything generally...wow It was worth the pay! With my first son- the man didn't even pick his call after day 1 of the process. Ephraim told us not to worry and treat the baby as normal as his usual routine; bathing, feeding and even putting him in the bouncer. It was such a relief!

I would definitely call you again if there is another blessing and I have recommended you to some friends. People, you rather use professional services from Ephraim than using those who don't even give you proper after care instructions.

Patricia Kihembo October 24, 2018

Excellent outstanding professional service again from this wonderful man, this is the second time I have used him for circumcision of my son My first boy is 7 years old, now I had another boy, I did not hesitate to call for the service, would recommend 100%.

Oliver Allen October 24, 2018

I was introduced by my sister and sister’s friends to contact Mr Josovic regarding circumcision for my son. Had a great experience, very professional, my son did not cry as expected. It was a very neat and healing process was rapid. I am very happy and have given company cards to many people including my health visitor who was very impressed when she saw it. Thank you so much for given me peace rather than regret. I will continue to recommend you to as many people as possible. Thanks,

Tola Adesanya October 24, 2018

Ephraim was recommended to us by a friend. He was able to book us right away. Though we were nervous, Ephraim's professionalism, attention to details and our son's wellbeing made the process and aftercare easier to process. His availability by text afterward to answer our queries was also a plus.

Yasmina B October 24, 2018

The service we received was very professional and put me at ease. I would highly recommend him.

Janet Jenkins-Johnston October 24, 2018

Ephraim was recommended to us by two different friends who had both used his services in the past. We were very pleased with the entire circumcision process. His handling of our son was above par and it was obvious he was excellent at his job and at handling babies. We were very pleased in particular about his professionalism, knowledge on baby stuff and warmth, especially how he made sure our son was calm and relaxed for the process which was done seamlessly. The aftercare was simple and easy to follow and the wound healed well and perfectly and Ephraim checked in to make sure all was going well. Kind Regards

DHG October 24, 2018

Hi!!! I'm Veronica, my baby was circumcised when he was 1 and half month,,, and baby was absolutely fine after circumcision. I was very happy with the professional service provide by Ephraim.. I am strongly recommend him...My baby is 4 month now!!! Thank you Ephraim

Veronica Trandafir October 24, 2018

I was referred to Ephraim Josovic by a family friend who rated his services very highly. Though I was a bit apprehensive at first because but I am happy to say that i was not disappointed with the way he handled my sons circumcision. I really do commend his high level of professionalism and hygiene which are very important in these procedures. I would be confident to refer any of my family members, friends or member of the public who might require the services of a circumcision practitioner to him. regards

Chigozie Uchegbu October 24, 2018

My husband and I were very impressed with the service we received from Mohel Ephraim. He was extremely knowledgeable and confident which immediately put me at ease, knowing my son was in safe hands. I'm really grateful for this since the thought of my boy's circumcision was very upsetting. But I was very happy with the whole process. I like that he took the time afterwards to show us the proper way to change and care for the baby for the next two weeks and after a week so far, I can testify that the healing process is very good. We are all satisfied and really grateful to Mohel Ephraim Josovic for his amazing service. Thank you!

Stephanie Otema Dzandu October 24, 2018

Dear Ephram, I'm pleased to announce to you that the entire family of David Asante are happy with your good works. The baby is in good health and is responding to treatment as recommended. Thank you. Kind regards

Sampson Asante October 24, 2018

I found the service very efficient. They were very professional and timely as well. The mohel just took over and I was assured that everything will be alright. My son was quite settled afterwards, which was a relief. I highly recommend their service and will use again if I have to.

Valerie Deveneaux October 24, 2018

Hello Mr Josovic Ephraim, Thanks for your service which was done neatly. Our son is completely healed now. Regards. Vivian.

Vivian October 24, 2018

Dear Ephraim: my son Jeffrey recovery well and thank you for the surgery perfect job. we really appreciate it thanks. with regard.

James Sun October 24, 2018

We were recommended by a family friend to use Ephraim for our sons circumcision as it wasn't done correctly the first instance. Ephraim was willing to take a look and offer a second opinion before performing the procedure. He was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure and made us feel comfortable that this would be done correctly. We were extremely happy with his work and he was able to fit our son in at relatively short notice. The after care was explained in detail and my husband and I were even shown how to dress the area after the procedure. The cut has healed nicely and is very neat unlike before.

We wish we had used him first time round will definitely be using his services again for our next child if a boy and we will be passing his details on to others.

Teresa Yanzu October 24, 2018

Our experience was as follows: I was given Ephraim details via a contact at work whose sister had used his service. He was easy to get in contact with, quick to book and attend the appoint (no long waiting times). When Ephraim arrived he was very professional, informative and experienced. I would definitely recommend his services to friends and family.

Emuobor & George October 24, 2018

Dear Ephraim, We would like to thank you for your perfect work. It's been clean and very easy information have been given to us to take care of our baby. I would highly recommend your services to my relatives and friends. Regards,

Stifanos and Azmera October 24, 2018

Very professional registered Mohel. Ephraim came with his colleague in a registered ambulance. Ephraim explained the entire procedure carefully and clearly showed he was confident and competent in his work. The procedure was relatively almost pain free for the baby. Thanks Ephraim for making my Son a real man

Olaoye Fagbemiro October 24, 2018

I just wanted to say thanks to Mr Ephraim Josovic, who have operated our 3 year old son recently. He is very professional and skilled. He circumcised our son neatly and quickly. He has done the operation at our own home environment which l really liked. So we avoided the hassle of going backwards and forwards to clinic. Our son have started feeling much better from the second day, and was even running little bit on the third day. So we highly recommend him as a professional who will deliver highly satisfactory result. Regards

Salomat Askarova October 24, 2018

Hello, as a first time mom i was scared about circumcisions for my baby boy, but with an experienced person like Mr Ephraim Josovic, I can assure all the moms over there that your baby is in safe hands. Mr josovic explained with details how to take care of my baby after the circumcisions and believe me its easy. Within 24hrs my baby was perfectly fine. I personally recommand you people his service.

Noorina Gurreebun October 24, 2018

I had my son circumcised by Mr Josovic when he was 3 weeks old. Like any mum, I was so nervous about the pain he would feel during the procedure and after. Although he cried during the procedure, it wasn't as excessive as I had expected. Mr Josovic put me at ease and explained the aftercare really well. I have to say by the next day, there were no more cries from my son. Mr Josovic reassured me that if I had any concerns or worries, he would be available to talk to me. This definitely eased my worries.

Thank you Mr Josovic for the service

Martha Alia Kizito October 24, 2018

The day of the circumcision was a bit terrifying at first as it was our first male son, but the environment was conducive, the staff were friendly they made us laugh and to feel at ease. It wasn't a long process, our son came back not being sad, our environment was left in a clean state.

I would recommend this service to families and friends as it was an excellent service, what amazes me U are not left alone every detailed was explained to and understood.

Wilbina Cole and Alhaji Vangahun October 24, 2018

I am a 26 year old male who had a problem passing urine due to the foreskin being very tight and restricting the natural flow, which made peeing very painful.I approached my GP and i was made a referral to see a urologist on the National Health Service, who was able to take a bit of skin off.

I looked on the internet and found Ephraim Josovic, His website was very professional and informative and i was deeply impressed. I gave him a ring and his thorough questioning of where, when, how, what and who treated me previously made me fully aware that he knows his business through and through. I then asked for a price and i thought that he was asking a reasonable amount.

Ephraim Josovic came to my home to carry out my full circumcision and i was happy and felt confident enough for him to carry out the procedure that took place in the comfort of my own home and in extremely sterile conditions. He then talked me through all the after care and later that same day he rang to check on how it is all going going and if i have any concerns. His genuine concern of the importance of the after care made me feel the right decision to look for a second opinion and have this procedure done by him.

Ephraim Josovic in my opinion from personal experience is a very kind, highly professional, very clean, and organised. He puts you at ease immediately and i have no hesitation in recommending him to others who need this procedure done.

I have signed this with my initials only

M G October 24, 2018

My son had his circumcision at the age of 11. As he was well prepared about what's going to happen, the knowledge and anticipation generated mixed feelings in him (yes, he was scared..) He is quite squeamish but Ephraim eased his fear and made him feel comfortable. I was with him in the room, the whole procedure took about 30 minutes. Ephraim not only explained but showed step by step how to dress the wound and gave clear instructions about the aftercare.

As early as next morning after the op my son was not feeling any pain or stinging!

Having Ephraim come into my home was much more comfortable and reassuring both for my son and I.

We are both very grateful to Ephraim for his care and professionalism.

Kind regards Monica Havasi

Monica Havasi October 24, 2018

My Uncle provided me Mr. Ephraim Josovic's contact saying he circumcised his son. Upon arrival, Mr. Ephraim and his assistant were professionals and courteous. We filled out a form and discussed the entire procedure and aftercare. I was grateful as Mr. Ephraim was very informative and reassuring. It's over a month now and my son is looking great and healthy. Thank you we are very grateful

Maxwell Somto October 24, 2018

I would highly recommend Ephraim, he is well organised, calm and clean. His friendly nature helps put you at ease. He repeats instructions which is very helpful in remembering how to manage with aftercare. He is contactable and leaves notes with all the necessary information.

Circumcision done for: Rocco and Xavier Manuel

Roberta Brownbill

Roberta Brownbill October 24, 2018

My family has used this service 3 times now. Recommended by my midwife so was confident in using him. I appreciate the professionalism in his dealings with us and the relaxed attitude he gives, so that I the new mother is not nervous about the circumcision operation. I have recommended him to a few of my friends who have used him too. He does a clean job and very friendly and will use again, if I have another son!

Mutiah Kazeem, London October 24, 2018


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